A Wera Sale You Don’t Want To Miss!

Up to 47% off some Wera best sellers! Until the end of 2018, select Wera tools are on sale and you do not want to pass these up. Some high quality classics are included in this sale including the Kraftform Kompakt 25 “James Bond” screwdriver for only 29.99!

Deals can also be had on Zyklop 1/4″ speed ratchet sets, a ratcheting pistol grip screwdriver, a precision screwdriver set and even the Wera star magnetizer and Wera bottle opener! These deals are only available for a limited time so don’t miss out! And stay tuned… Black Friday deals are just around the corner!


Building A Tube Headphone Amp, A Learning Experience

I’m a music junkie – I’ll freely admit it. And I’ll also admit that I’m old school. I love listening on the couch, in a “sweet spot” perfectly situated between the two speakers. When I reached a point of owning my own house I was ready to invest in a decent way to play my music – and I quickly found out how much this could cost. However, I also discovered whole groups of folks online building their own equipment, experimenting and tweaking. I also discovered that this could cost a whole lot less! Being a tinkerer by nature, I was hooked, and by the time I was done I had built a tube preamplifier, solid state amplifier and speakers, tweaking parts and wringing the best sound out of components I had built myself.

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Torx Screws, Torx Tools Available at KC Tool

A Brief Guide to Torx and Its (Many) Variations

­­We have discussed previously on this blog about the highly specific “Pentalobe” screw head and the tools used in conjunction. The Pentalobe shape is a relatively new invention compared to one its cousins, the Hexalobular screw, which many people call a star or Torx. Torx is actually a trademark of Camcar Textron, so the use of its name is another example of genericized trademark, like we use the term Allen Wrench for Hex Keys.Read More »

Wera June Sale! Great tools for 50% off!

Wera Tools’ spring promotionWera_Q2_2014_USA_promo

These prices are good through June 30, 2014.  They have listed some of their most unique tools for half off! At the time of this writing, we have all of these in stock and ready to ship to you. To see all of the Wera Screwdrivers on Sale, click here.

Wera tools are extremely high quality and have a lifetime Warranty against defects in craftsmanship. Here is some feedback we received on one of the tools on sale, the 6-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver:

“I purchased this kraftform screwdriver and couldn’t be happier. The shipping was fast and ordering was so easy. Been using it at work and glad that I have the bits I need right at my finger tips. I would definitely buy from KC tools again. As soon as I’m finish with this review I would be browsing to see what other tool I can and will need. Thank you again KC TOOLS. Keep up the good work, and low prices.”

–Juan B from Oxnard, CA

Thanks for the kind words, Juan. It’s always a pleasure to represent high quality brands with the service they deserve.

Get these deals quick! They’re only here til the end of the month!