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A Brief Guide to Torx and Its (Many) Variations

­­We have discussed previously on this blog about the highly specific “Pentalobe” screw head and the tools used in conjunction. The Pentalobe shape is a relatively new invention compared to one its cousins, the Hexalobular screw, which many people call a star or Torx. Torx is actually a trademark of Camcar Textron, so the use of its name is another example of genericized trademark, like we use the term Allen Wrench for Hex Keys.Read More »

On Sale! Wiha BitFlip Torx Magnetic Bit Holding Screwdriver with Bit Storage PN 38028

Retail is $32.68 but get it from KC Tool today for just $20.63. Thats about 37% off!  These BitFlip screwdrivers are extremely high quality with CVM Steel shafts and Long lasting Bits.  You’ll love the comfort of the Dual Material SoftFinish Handle and appreciate having 8 different Torx bits on board.  This Screwdriver set comes with T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40 Bits.  Check out our video of the BitFlip Storage System here.