Torx Screws, Torx Tools Available at KC Tool

A Brief Guide to Torx and Its (Many) Variations

­­We have discussed previously on this blog about the highly specific “Pentalobe” screw head and the tools used in conjunction. The Pentalobe shape is a relatively new invention compared to one its cousins, the Hexalobular screw, which many people call a star or Torx. Torx is actually a trademark of Camcar Textron, so the use of its name is another example of genericized trademark, like we use the term Allen Wrench for Hex Keys.Read More »

Just in! More Wiha Tools in Stock!

Today we received another shipment from Wiha for stock.  A large portion of this shipment was SoftFinish Drivers.  We now have 295 Wiha Softfinish part numbers in stock and ready to ship.  This includes just about all Individual Drivers and Sets of Screwdrivers, Torx Drivers, Security Torx Drivers, Hex Drivers, Nut Drivers and More.  Wiha’s SoftFinish Screwdriver line offers:

  • Precision Machined Tips
  • Super Hardened and Hard Chrome Finished CVM Steel
  • Cushioned, Dual Material, Comfort Grip
  • Lifetime Warranty