Discontinued Felo Pliers In Stock!

Limited Quantities Available!

What a surprise when we heard that there were Felo pliers available to us on a one time buy basis! We had been told many times before they were unavailable due to being discontinued in Germany. Of course, we bought all we could knowing that we couldn’t replenish or take backorders on these tools.

We have these Felo pliers listed under the “Clearance” section of our website. It isn’t a bad idea to bookmark this page on our website (as well as the “tool of the day” page). There are all kinds of little gems like these Felo pliers popping up from time to time. Hurry while supplies last!

P.S. We are hearing some rumblings about Felo making pliers again. Nothing but unconfirmed rumors at this point, but we will keep you up to date. Be sure to subscribe for the latest news.

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Wiha Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set KC Tool

All Remaining Wiha Stainless Screwdrivers 50% Off!

Wiha Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set KC Tool
Clearance! All remaining Wiha Stainless Screwdrivers are 50% off – while supplies last.

All remaining in-stock Wiha Stainless Screwdrivers are now 50% off!  Act quickly as supplies are limited.  There are currently slotted, Phillips, PoziDriv, and Torx styles available both in sets and individually.

These Wiha Stainless Screwdrivers feature the SoftFinish multi-component cushion grip handle.  They also feature a heavy duty hex blade made from a premium hardened stainless steel and precision machines tips for an exact fit.  Read More »