We Are Saying Goodbye To kctoolco.com

We are saying hello to kctool.com! Okay, it might not seem like much, but we have been kctoolCO.com (with the “co” in the domain name) since we began ten years ago. Do you know how many people forget to put the extra two letters in? A lot! Including employees!

Well that is history now. After some negotiating and a lot of technical work behind the scenes, we can say goodbye to the C and the O. We are officially kctool.com (including email address, too). Ah…Simplicity at its finest. And no worries, BTW; kctoolco.com will still lead to your favorite German tool distributor, so you don’t need to do a thing! 

FLASH SALE! New Tools From Hazet!

The Hazet HiPer 1/2″ fine-tooth ratchet caused a stir in the tool world when it was released two years ago. 90 teeth with a load capacity of 1,000 Nm! Since then, the line has expanded to include two more variations of the 1/2″ ratchet, plus a 1/4″ version. Now Hazet has added even more pieces to the puzzle with a 3/8″ and a bit ratchet! These new additions have the same fine tooth adjustment as their predecessors and yet still nearly double the DIN standard for Torque load!

Let’s Celebrate! For FIVE DAYS ONLY, Sept 21st through 25th 2020, all six of the Hazet HP Ratchets are 20% off using coupon code HP20. These types of savings are usually only reserved for Black Friday, so this is your chance to cash in now! Shop KC Tool now and get HiPer!

Early Arrival! Wera 2020 Advent Calendars Are Here!

For the fifth consecutive year, KC Tool is proud to carry the Wera Advent Calendar. It started off as a fun addition to the catalog and now it is a holiday tradition! People start asking us about them months in advance and every year it is one of the most sought-after German tool sets.

This years’ offering has some cool exclusives, all in a super sleek blue color profile. The two centerpieces are a pop-up bit-holding stubby screwdriver and a Zykop Mini 1/4″ ratchet. Rounding out the set are a mix of bits, sockets and bit-sockets, giving you a portable workshop contained in a convenient textile pouch. Plus a stubby bottle opener as a bonus! These typically sell out fast and when they are gone – they are GONE!! Shop KC Tool now!



[Test] Halder and Picard Hammers, New From KC Tool!

KC Tool continues to be your home for German brand tools with the addition of high-quality striking tools from Halder and Picard.

With over 200 years’ experience between them, both brands have become well known as a leader in hammer and mallet production. From their factories in Germany, they produce thousands of tools a week that range from the basic hammer to highly specific tools for an array of trades. We are thrilled to add Halder and Picard to our ever-growing range of German tool brands and hope that you are just as excited to add them to your toolbox!

Shop our new selection of hammers now!