Knipex Tools

Knipex was founded in 1882 and has grown to become the worlds leading manufacturer of pliers for professional use. With a very concentrated focus, Knipex sets out to do one thing and do it better than anyone else, make the best pliers and cutters! They have been succeeding at their mission for many years by controlling all aspects of their product design and manufacturing. All Knipex pliers are designed and manufactured in Germany.

Knipex makes approximately 100 types of pliers, with more than 900 different variants in terms of length, shape and finish. These include commonly used types of pliers such as combination pliers, side cutters and water pump pliers as well as more specialized pliers for use in electrical and plumbing installation and electronics. The range also includes special tools for cutting, stripping and crimping including tools for applications in aerospace, solar power technology and optical fiber installation. Knipex also offers a broad program of high-voltage insulated tools.

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2 thoughts on “Knipex Tools

  1. Hey I was curious about writing a review. My girlfriend bought me a pair of the Knipex 87-22-250 10″ Cobra QuickSet Water Pump Pliers – MultiGrip. I absolutely love them. Do I have to personally buy the item to write a review? I don’t seem to find a way to write one.


  2. Hi Mason,
    It is unfortunately fairly difficult to post reviews without having personally bought the item. The sale is tied to the email address. Is there a way your girlfriend would let you login as her on our website? That would make it super easy. If that isn’t possible. I can try to think of other alternatives for you.

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