Introducing Staff Pick Pliers Sets!

About a year-and-a-half ago, select members of the KC Tool staff created custom screwdriver sets that each of us thought were perfect. As time has passed and the roster expanded, we decided to try our hand at it again, this time with pliers!

Just like the screwdriver sets, it was amazing how different they turned out to be, with very little overlap. Some made it very specific and some leaned more towards your everyday set of pliers. And if you know anything about us here at KCT, you know we are extremely competitive so we will be watching the sales numbers like hawks! Check out all ten sets at KC Tool right now! (and pick one up while you are at it, Collin’s looks pretty good….)


The Felo Automatic Wire Stripper

Collin from KC Tool here again with the Felo automatic wire stripper.

What’s cool about this guy is that it self-adjusts to any wire gauge 0.2-6 millimeters or 24-10AWG with just a click of the trigger. You can also adjust the length that it strips off the wire from 6mm to 15mm, making it especially useful for a really repetitive job where you need the same amount cut off of a lot of different wire.

It is really easy to use. There’s a wire cutter on the back, so all you have to do is stick the wire in there, cut it off, stick it in between the two v-shaped jaws, pull the trigger and it does all the work for you.

Now we here at KC Tool affectionately call this the Felo dragon because it looks like a dragon and can breathe fire! JK, no it can’t. But it IS lightweight, affordable and comes with a 15 year warranty against defects.

You know that the best place to get it is KC Tool. Have you used a Felo dragon? Do you want to? Let us know in the comments below!



Hot Deals From Gedore!

With the start of the new year comes new sales! Check out this awesome one from Gedore! For a limited time (through March 31st, 2019 to be exact), select Gedore tools are on sale and the ONLY place you can get these deep discounts are at KC Tool.

There are some hot new tools in this sale including the new pliers wrench, rescue knife, and 1/4″ ratchet bit box. There are some best sellers, too, like the JL bolt cutters and engineer’s hammer. You can save up to 55% on these great deals, so act now! These bargains are going to be gone before you know it!


NWS Tools, An Overview – Available from KC Tool

Let me introduce you to NWS. First a little history. It was founded by Willibald Nöthen in 1973, four days after the demise of the biggest tool forge in Germany, Walter Gott, where he had worked. Since its inception NWS has become a worldwide leader in the production of hand tools with the philosophy of focusing on function, quality, and design. They pride themselves on developing tools that actually WORK for the user, not just built on spec. They use a combination of manual production and state-of-the-art machine technology, all under the guise of very stringent quality control specifications.

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Free Overnight Shipping On Orders Over $100 To The Lower 48!

$100 or more ships overnight for free to the lower 48!
Deadline is Friday 3pm CST!
Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping? KC Tool has you covered. From now until 3 PM central time on Friday December 21st, we are offering FREE (yes, FREE!) overnight shipping on orders over 100 dollars. That means you still have time to give the gift of high-quality German tools! Your package is guaranteed to arrive on Christmas Eve, just in time to get it wrapped and under the tree! Shop KC Tool Now!

🎁 Give The Gift Of High Quality German Tools!

Tell someone you love them with the best tools money can buy! Struggling to find the perfect gift for the tool-lover in your family? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. KC Tool has devoted a section of our website to the best gift ideas we carry, from Wiha Ultrdrivers to sweet KC Tool apparel, you will find everything you need to fill the bottom of the tree. Go shop KC Tool now and give the gift that keeps on giving: a tool that lasts a lifetime!

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New And Improved Knipex Tools!

You’ve been asking and they have finally arrived! Brand new tools from Knipex! One of the greatest tools of all time has been redesigned. The Knipex Pliers Wrench is now 15% lighter, has an increased gripping capacity and is available in a black atramentized finish. They have also added super-handy laser etched scale markings, so you can set your size before gripping.

Black Pliers Wrench V3

But the new pliers wrench isn’t all that’s new and exciting! With the same design as it’s bigger brothers, the new 6 1/4″ CoBolt bolt cutters put power in your pocket with it’s easy-to-carry size. At the same 6 1/4″ length, the new compact wire rope cutter features shear cutting blades that provide a clean cut every time! These are exciting new editions to the Knipex catalog and as you know, the best place to buy them is at KC Tool!