Celebrate Father’s Day With A Ratchdrive® From Witte!

It’s that time of year again! Father’s Day is June 19th! You may have seen our Seasonal Sale on “Every Day Carry” tools. You guys have liked it so much, we thought we would double down on that theme and offer you not only a great pocket sized too, but a fantastic gift idea for dad.

The Witte Ratchdrive® is a compact yet powerful set featuring a bit holder and 6 bits. The casing has an integrated ratcheting mechanism, so everything you need is built in to just a 3.5″x1″x1″ box. It is truly an incredible little tool.

KC Tool just-so-happens to have a limited supply of the Phillips/Square/Slotted variation to offer for just 15 bucks! When we run out of this stock, it will go back to it’s normal price of around $35, so that is over 65% off for a limited time! Now through Father’s Day! While supplies last! Click the button before it’s too late!

If You’re Reading This, It May Be Too Late!

When you keep growing and adding German tools like we do, you gotta make room in the warehouse. That’s why we have a clearance section! And right now all clearance items are a whopping 40% off! These items are limited in quantity though, so when they are gone, THEY ARE GONE. Like, gone gone. Never to return. Cease to be! Rest in peace! Ex-tools! So why are you still reading? Shop now before they are… Well, you know.


Three Months Of EDC Savings!

At KC Tool we have tools of all shapes and sizes. Some are huge! Like this TEN FOOT torque wrench! But for the next three months, our Seasonal Sale focuses on tools that fit in your pocket or on your belt. Some people call these types of tools “Every Day Carry”, or EDC for short.

Seven tools that are so light you barely know they are there. A tape measure, knife, and flashlight. A bit ratchet, mini level, and gripping pliers. Not to mention the iconic Knipex Cobras in their latest miniature variation.

But wait! There’s more! For the entirety of the sale, when you buy any of these seven tools, you also get a FREE pocket-sized can of Ballistol! It’s the ultimate tool oil, but (just like the other tools in this sale) its uses are endless!

So fill your pockets, get out there, see the world… And shop KC Tool right now!

How We Are Working To Improve

German Tool Fans,

We at KC Tool have always strived to make German Tools easy to get. But over the last 24 months the international supply chain has been stressed and bottlenecked like the world has never seen.

We know that this has made it more difficult for us to provide German Tools in the way you grew accustomed to. However, we have made several improvements and adjustments to our systems to make your experience better than it’s ever been, and I would like to share some of those changes with you.

  • Deeper inventory. While we have long offered a great breadth of selection, we have recently made a considerable investment in greater-than-ever depth of stock. We want core items to be in stock all the time, even if the “faucet” from Germany turns off for a spell.
  • Live inventory. Our website now shows the actual live quantity we have available for each item on the product page and the cart page. When ordering quantity, there will be no more uncertainty over whether we have enough to fulfill your order.
  • Estimated lead times. While we continue to email you individually with estimated ship dates based on your backordered items, that information now also shows on your account page, for most orders, when logged into our website.
  • Email when in stock. For a few select items, we choose to not allow backordering, but we understand that there is still interest in purchasing them in the future, so we integrated a system to email you as soon as we receive inventory. Simply sign up on the product page. For instance, check out the page for the upcoming Wera 2022 Advent Calendar.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to improve. Thank you for your patience and your support.

Mit Fruendlichen Grüßen / Kind Regards,
Derek Tran
Owner and General Manager

German Essentials – Buy One, Get One 50% OFF

“German Tools…. Where do I start?

We get that question all the time. We have over 24,000 tools available on our website! It can be daunting! So we put together a list of the Essential German tools. We debated for days until we came up with our list of 24 can’t-miss, must-have, starting-point German tools. In the months since we launched the category, our list has remained relatively unchanged! We still stand by every tool we chose!

But, over time, we felt something was missing. We talked about them, we gave them their own place on the site, we ran sales, but we never really felt like they STOOD OUT. Well, that changes today. See that bright yellow background on the image above? That now signifies our seal of approval. If you are in the Olympic spirit, you could see that as our gold medal, the highest honor we can bestow on a tool. When you browse kctool.com now, there will be no question what we consider essential to your tool box. Hard not to see yellow right?

And to sweeten this deal, we want to give you an opportunity to stock up on the German tool essentials. From now until the end of February 2022, all of the essentials are buy one, get another essential tool of equal or lesser value for half off. At KC Tool we are firm believers that German brands make the best tools in the world and that every toolbox should have at least one of these 24 tools in them. Now is your chance to not only get one, but TWO at a great price. So don’t hesitate. Get shopping at KC Tool right now!


Select Heyco On Sale!!

Last November, KC Tool expanded the offering of Heyco tools in their online catalog. We had carried Heyco for many years, but until that point it was only in a very limited capacity. We’re gonna be honest with you: we didn’t know what we were missing! Not only are these tools extremely high quality, but they look awesome in the toolbox, too! Tube cutters, hex keys, chisels, ratchets… many in a bright (but classy) green hue. Not to mention the vintage acetate handle screwdriver that they still print “W. Germany” on! So we decided that Heyco deserved another round of coverage.

From now until March 31st, five of our favorite Heyco products are on sale up to 37% off! We hope you will take advantage of this sale, whether you are a seasoned Heyco shopper or this is your first exposure to them. Once you get a taste, we know you will be coming back for more!


Expanded Selection From Heyco

KC Tool is proud to announce an expansion to our offering of Heyco Tools, based out of Remscheid, Germany. Since 1937, Heyco has focused much of their attention on automotive tools, but over time has created a highly diversified portfolio of tools for every trade.

Though we have technically carried the brand for many years, KC Tool has now added to our catalog over 700 additional items for you to browse and buy. From industry professionals to the home DIYer, Heyco will make a great addition to your collection… We guarantee it. 


P.S. did you know the German pronunciation is “High-Co”? Although, we usually say it how you would think!