KC Tool Welcomes Ballistol to the Family


We are pleased to announce a new member to our family, Ballistol. It really seemed natural to partner our already great brands (Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Gedore, Felo etc…) with a great product to complement our great tools. We at KC Tool and our customers are passionate about tools. We want to empower our customers to be able to take good care of their own tools. That is where Ballistol (meaning ballistic oil) comes in. Many of our customers ask for tips to care for their tools. The best way to keep them in top working order is to clean after every use and lightly oil them to reduce the risk of rust. You can even feel free to use this on wood handles. It works great!

To give you all a little background on Ballistol, it was important to us that Ballistol matched our complete family of brands with deep German heritage. We have come to know and appreciate German engineering and know-how in regards to quality of production. The same attention to detail and performance that goes into our tools goes into Ballistol as well. Ballistol is a mineral oil-based multi-purpose lubricant that helps to clean, lubricate and help ensure long tool life. Treat your German tools right by using Ballistol tool oil.

PS Take a look at their German Wikipedia page (remember to have Google translate it, Google does a pretty good job) for more super interesting information and uses. It looks like you can do a million things with Ballistol. But remember it is a translated wikipedia page and we can’t verify or vouch for the veracity of the information located therein.

One thought on “KC Tool Welcomes Ballistol to the Family

  1. Don’t inhale this stuff too deeply! Apart from what seems to me like stench, I have not seen any particular advantage to this product other than you can use it on everything (they say)… leather to steel. Dunno about that.

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