Gedore 2016/2017 Sale


Gedore has announced their Autumn Promo! Gedore on sale now! These products are a selection of Gedore’s projected top sellers for 2016-2017. Remember to combine the sale items with the new website discount code (NEWKCT) and save even more!

The headliner of this group is the “Red Dot Award Winner for 2015” the 6Pc Striking Screwdriver Set. Why have a screwdriver set when you can have a striking screwdriver set?  These rugged screwdrivers are built like a brick outdoor lavatory. Use them as a professional shipbuilder, plumber, carpenter, or hobbyist. You will be the envy of your friends or colleagues. Tell them over a cold one that your striking screwdriver set won the Nobel Prize of tools. Gedore Part# GR1878743

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 8.49.29 AM.png

This metric 4pc wrench set has had its list price slashed by 50%. It is now on sale for $87.50. This wrench set is an easily portable assortment of the most common wrench sizes in a set (10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 19mm) all in a practical carrying, velcro pouch. I love when my tools are made in Germany, as these certainly are! Enjoy nut and bolt turning at its finest with this wrench set. Gedore Part# GR2303949


These two 1/2″ made in Germany sets are a great buy at 50% off list as well (sale price $169.00 and $92.50 respectively). The 1/2″ 15 Piece Metric Socket Set is an ideal set for around the shop. The accessories in this set are made from Gedore vanadium steel 31Cv3 for exceptional strength. The ratchet boasts a robust reversible lever-change, with smooth push button release. The metric screwdriver bit socket 1/2″ drive set is pretty slick for hex screws. The set is ideal composition for all lots. Both sets come in a convenient, lightweight carrying case. Gedore Part# GR3014347 & GR3014444


These three screw driver sets are classics…and On Sale!!!   The only visible difference between the PH screwdriver set and the PZ screwdriver set the former utilizes the philips tip and the latter utilizes the pozidriv tip (the PH is slightly cheaper too, PH=$43.72 & PZ=$51.56). Take care when selecting the correct set. The pozidriv screwdrivers don’t work very well in philips head screws. They tend to cam-out and can damage the screw. These sets are a whopping 44% off list price. The PH insulated screwdriver set is VDE insulated up to 1000V and has an additional PH# 0 for those smaller fasteners. The insulated set checks in at a generous 42% off list. It is priced right, at $66.40. Choose the right tool for the right job, every time! GR1482319 GR1482300 GR1616048

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