High Quality Wiha Pentalobe Bits for iPhone repair are now available from KC Tool.

pentalobe bit

The Wiha Pentalobe screwdrivers have been a huge success and we’re excited to announce the addition of Wiha Pentalobe Bits. These are 4mm micro bits with about a 1″ length that should fit just about any 4mm bit holding screwdriver.  We recently posted a blog about a very complete micro bit set Wiha just released that includes these Pentalobe bits and a very useful assortment of others you may also be interested in.  You can see the set here.

At the time of this blog, Wiha is the only high quality tool manufacturer selling 4mm Pentalobe bits in the United States.  If you are doing iPhone repair and prefer a bit system over traditional precision screwdrivers, these bits are a must have.  They will fit the fastener better and last significantly longer. High quality Wiha bits save you money in the long run and lessen the chances of stripping the delicate iPhone screws. These bits come in sizes 1 through 6 to cover  iPhone, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and should be available to ship by the end of April 2014.

KC Tool is a Wiha Tools Master Distributor. We’re the smart place to buy with huge discounts and excellent service.


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