Sale! 40% off Wera color coded Metric Hex L-Keys

I honestly did not know color coded hex keys would be exciting but our customers who use them on a regular basis tell us it’s very cool.  Now is the time to get a set. Wera has a fall sale going and they are only $26.99 (reg. $44.80). Buy them now at

These are their top end model and have the following features:

  • Hex Plus – A unique design that reduces “rounding out” of the screw head.  Learn more here.
  • Round Stock – Round stock means significantly more material and more strength.  This is especially important on smaller sizes.
  • Comfort grip – The color coding is a thermo plastic sleeve and makes the tool much more comfortable to use.
  • Laser Engraving – Each tool is laser engraved with the size for easy identification.


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