National Hot Dog Day at KC Tool, We got it right…..Almost

Its National Hot Dog Day!  What a great excuse to go out back, fire up the grill and cook some hot dogs for everyone!

national hot dog day
Its a beautiful 83 degrees here in Kansas City today.

We did everything right. We have tons of Hot Dogs, Soda, Chips, and all the condiments.

Knipex tools
The spread

Well, we got it all right except the day!  National Hot Dog Day was yesterday!  I had this planned out last week but somehow I got the wrong day in my mind.  Whoops.  It was still a nice break from work and a fun time.

Here is how I enjoyed it. I keep it simple. Two dogs, Fritos, and a DP 🙂

wiha tools

I hope everyone has a great day and continues to enjoy the summer!

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