New from Wiha Tools. 72 tooth, 3.6″ Bit Ratchet with Bits and Belt Case. 35% off for a limited time. Wiha 74992

This 3.6″ Wiha Bit Ratchet is the latest of Wiha’s new tool offerings.  It’s only available in a set at this time but at 35% off it’s like getting a really great assortment of high quality German bits and the case for free.  The Wiha part number is 74992.  List price is $59.98 but you can get it at KC Tool for just $38.98 for a limited time.

If you’re like me, you have used a pair of pliers holding a bit to remove a fastener tucked in some crazy place that can’t be accessed by even a stubby screwdriver. What a miserable chore that is.  Get this wonderfully designed bit ratchet and save yourself from ever having to do that again!

wiha bit ratchet

At KC Tool we only sell high quality tools from German tool companies.  If you buy it at you can be assured you are getting a very high quality tool.

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