Wera Joker wrenches are now in stock! The most advanced ratcheting wrench on the market!

Our first shipment of Wera Joker Wrenches arrived and I am very impressed.  This is the next generation of ratcheting wrenches.  Here is a picture to whet your appetite and more about how Wera Tools has greatly improved the design of one of the most common tools in your tool box.


Have you ever had to sneak a nut into a space too small for your hand?  With the Joker wrench you can hold your fastener in the smallest of spaces thanks to the innovative stop plate.
wera joker wrenches

The Limit Stop also comes in handy when the bolt head is well above the work surface. No longer is the thumb needed to act as a depth stop.  This makes is much easier and allows additional force to be applied.Wera Joker Wrench

The stop plate increases convenience and runs double duty adding additional grip. The stop plate is hardened metal with gripping teeth and reduces the risk of slippage on rusty or rounded nuts and bolts.
Wera Joker Wrench

Thanks to the double hex design, the open end offers a very small 30 degree return angle.Wera Joker Wrench

If you are working in very tight quarters you’ll be especially impressed by the 12 point box end with fine tooth ratcheting mechanism.  This 80 tooth ratcheting wrench has a return angle of less than 5 degrees!

One last thing I like is the visual identifier.  The metric Joker wrenches have a black limit plate and the SAE have a silver limit plate.  If you don’t have your wrenches neatly organized this can be a real time saver when hunting for the correct size wrench.

These Joker wrenches are packed with features, comfortable to hold, have a lifetime warranty and look awesome. Head over to www.kctoolco.com and get a set of these for your tool box. You’ll be the envy of your shop.  Be careful loaning them out.  You might not get it back.

Here is a video showing the same features:

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