New Item! Wiha Ball End Torx Set with ErgoStar Auto Open Holder

Wiha Ball End Torx Wrenches are awesome!  They can be used at a 25 degree angle for those hard to access Torx bolts.  The Wiha Torx L Keys also feature:

 Extra Long Reach Torx L-Keys
 Precision Machined Tips for exact fit & long tool life
 Made from Wiha Special CRM-72 tool steel
 Black oxide finish, through hardened, extreme durability
 Machined on durable hex stock
 Guaranteed Professional Quality – Made By Wiha

Take all of these features and stick a set of them in the already awesome ErgoStar holder and you have sure winner.  The ErgoStar holder is unique because the L-keys open simultaneously so each tool is accessible without having to remove any other tool.  You can see a video of it on our Ball End Torx Set product page.



One more thing. They are on SALE!  Get a set for just $43.54 for a limited time.  The regular list price is $72.98.

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