Insulated Tools for Toyota Prius High Voltage Battery Repair

Want to safely replace your Prius or other hybrid HV battery?  Toyota recommends that you wear insulated gloves to protect yourself from electric shock but what about protecting your extremely expensive high voltage battery and wiring system?  You should consider using insulated tools while working on your high voltage battery because a standard ratchet wrench or socket extension can cause major damage if it were to fall into the battery area and make an unwanted connection between positive and negative points carrying over 200 volts DC.  We have a customer who had this very thing happen and caused almost $7000 in damage.  Our Wiha insulated tools are tested to withstand 10,000 volts and can prevent this kind of damage.

To replace your Toyota Prius HV battery pack you’ll need the following Insulated Tools:

and you may want an Insulated 3/8″ Extension.


There are a few DIY resources available for replacing your Toyota Prius Battery.  There is a good how to article here or if you prefer video take a look at this.

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