169 New Torque Screwdriver Tools in Stock at www.kctoolco.com

We’re continuing to build our “in stock” selection of Wiha Tools.  We just received 169 Wiha Torque Screwdriver items for stock.  These Torque Screwdrivers are very popular because they’re German made and extremely high quality but much less expensive than other brands like Snap On.  They also include the Calibration Certificate that many industries require.  We have 100% stock of Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers, Torque T Handles, Insulated Torque Screwdrivers and ESD Safe Torque Screwdrivers.  By next week we will have the Easy Torque Torx Screwdrivers and we’ll have every Wiha Torque Driver in stock and ready for same day shipping if needed.  Get them for less at KC Tool.

Accurate Torque up to 70 in/lbs
Designed for Tamper Resistant Settings
Secure Fully Enclosed Mechanism
Adjustment Tool Required To Change Setting
Fully Adjustable 

Quick View
Direct Reading
Window Scale
• Tools Marked with Serial No. & Include Calibration Certificate
• Meets ASME B107.14m, EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789
• Quality & Accuracy Guaranteed to 5000 Cycles
• Laser Calibrated & Scale Marked, Serialized for traceability
• Enclosed Mechanism Ideal for production controlled environments
• Secure Torque Setting,  Requires torque adjustment tool
• Reverse Torque is 50% higher than indicated setting, easy removal
• Guaranteed accuracy to 5000 cycles or 1 year

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