Sale on Best Selling Wiha SoftFinish Screwdriver Sets!

Wiha recently announced a widespread sale for one their extremely popular SoftFinish screwdrivers. SoftFinish is Wiha’s most popular line of screwdrivers and they are packed with features like:

  • Dual Material Handle with comfort grip.  The handles are not actually soft but more of a soft feel.  It’s soft enough to provide great grip but still extremely durable.  These handles feel great and perform like they are intended.
  • Precision Machined Tips. The tips on Wiha’s screwdrivers are machined for a perfect fit.  If you don’t like the fitment we’ll take them back.
  • Wiha Exclusive CVM Steel. Durability is the name of the game here.  These are industrial quality screwdrivers you can us all day, everyday, and not have to worry about wearing down the tips.

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