New! Wiha Digital Torque Screwdriver (iTorque). Digital Readout with easy conversion from Nm to Inch Pounds

Wiha Tools has just released a Digital Torque Screwdriver known as iTorque.  This is Wiha’s first Torque Screwdriver with digital readout and it’s also their first adjustable torque screwdriver that does not require a tool for adjustment.

Wiha Digital Torque Screwdriver

The Cycle counter is great for those working under strict calibration guidelines.  Since these tools need recalibration after 5000 cycles, it’s great to have a tool that keeps an accurate cycle count.

The ability to convert the readout from Newton Meter to Inch Pounds can be a real time saver for those who require both scales.

Wiha torque screwdrivers traditionally require a tool for adjustment.  Some consider this to be a flaw in the design but many others love that the setting cannot be changed accidentally.  With this new iTorque digital torque screwdriver they decided to switch it up and have an easy adjustment at the top of the driver.  I think its great they now have both styles.

Digital torque control screwdriver
When Wiha releases a new product they usually offer it at a large discount to get the word out quickly.  Take advantage of this introductory offer and save BIG!

List price for the driver and 50 piece bit set is normally $499.98 but you can get it at KC Tool for the introductory price of only $324.99