Affordable, High Quality Torque Wrench for Coax Cable from Wiha Tools

Coax Cable Torque Wrench

Wiha makes a series of Cable Keys for use with our standard Torque Screwdrivers, designed specifically to prevent over-tightening of all sizes of HEX cable connectors.

Over-torquing can possibly crush the insulation, as well as the center contacts and ground mating surfaces. Any change to those can alter the impedance and increase the VSWR. Under-torquing can be just as bad if an air-gap is left in the insulator, or the center pin or  ground mating surface isn’t fully engaged. This becomes a more significant problem with higher Gigahertz.

Typical Torque Settings for Coax Cable can Range from 3in-lb to 15in-lb depending on the connector type.  If you typically use Stainless Steel we recommend Wiha’s 7.5in-lb to 20in-lb Torque Screwdriver. For Brass Connectors you will need something lighter duty like the 15-80in-oz Torque Screwdriver.

coax cable torque wrench