HD Video Wiha adjustable Torque Screwdriver aka Torque Vario

We have been selling a lot of Wiha’s Torque vario Screwdriver lately.  They are an amazing value.  For just $76.10 We’re selling a high quality, Calibrated Adjustable Torque Screwdriver from German Manufacturer, Wiha Tools.

• Tools Marked with Serial No. & Include Calibration Certificate
• Meets ASME B107.14m, EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789
• Quality & Accuracy Guaranteed to 5000 Cycles
• Laser Calibrated & Scale Marked, Serialized for traceability
• Enclosed Mechanism Ideal for production controlled environments
• Secure Torque Setting,  Requires torque adjustment tool
• Reverse Torque is 50% higher than indicated setting, easy removal
• Guaranteed accuracy to 5000 cycles or 1 year

Here’s a quick video demonstration.